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What does full service at a discount cost?

Remember, the property sales price does not have any effect on the listing fees except for Option 1. 

I will serve as listing broker and handle the marketing of your property. 

Option 1 Traditional - Pay Now - $500.00 flat + $250.00 processing fee Total - $750.00.

Option 2 Traditional - Pay At Closing - 1% of the sales price due at closing. And $50.00 processing fee will need to be paid up front.

Option 3 - Auction Program - On Line With A Reserve Price - 14 Day Program

This Option is used by investors, flippers, and home owners who need fast results. If the auctioneer does not meet your reserve price, you will only owe my company $100.00 and we walk away. Or we shift gears and go to Option 2 or 3 and keep the property active with traditional marketing. Under Option 1, if your reserve price is met, you will owe the auctioneer a seller's premium for the listing, and a selling broker's commission. You have very little risk and only pay the fees if you get your price. We will know in 14 days the results.

Term Of Listing For All Plans - Options 1 and 2 have a 6 month listing period. Option 3 has a 14 day listing period.

Buyer - Selling Broker Commission of 2 - 3% - If our firm is the procuring cause of a buyer who buys your property, we will reduce the sales commission by 1%. In most cases the commission will be 2% for the buyer's side if we are the procuring cause.

Service Area:
Our service area is the Lake Oconee area, Madison, GA area, Athens Area, Atlanta Metro North, South, East and West and pretty much down I-20 toward Alabama. Our MLS covers the whole State of GA.

* FMLS FEE AT CLOSING - All property owners will pay at closing .0012 X sales price to the First Multiple Listing Service.  This turns out to be $60.00 per every $50,000.00 in sales price.

Our Corporate Office will send you an invoice for any up front fees due on the plan you choose.

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