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Enclosed you will find information regarding Reese and His Team of professionals, the 89-Step System Reese has created to get your home sold fast and for top dollar, a list of questions you should ask ANY Realtor before you sign ANYTHING , details of Reese ’s guarantee, a list of Real Estate Myths, and much more!

Please review this package before your next appointment with Reese .

Dear Property Owner,

Thank you for taking the time to review this package. I have sent you these materials in advance of our meeting so that you will know a little more about me, my team, our services, and how they will benefit you.

At this point, I don’t know all of your particular needs and objectives, nor do I know your financial and family situation entirely. I do know that selling a home can be an extremely emotionally trying time, or a very exciting one. My job is to provide you with enough solid information so you can make an honest, informed decision based upon facts not hype.

As you look through this package, use the forms at the back to note any questions that you have for me so that we will not forget to address them. At this point, you should have a complete presentation and market analysis. I will cover many important items that other agents may not even know, such as:

  • The proven 89 Step Home Selling System
  • A little-known pricing technique that gets a lot more showings
  • The 2 things that will kill a home sale before it gets started
  • And much more

Selling your home is a complicated task, so it is crucial to have every possible advantage you can. Please remember you are researching a discount listing sales model. E commerce is the back bone of my system, but sometimes picking up the telephone is necessary.

When an offer is presented, it is most important for you to know I need your WRITTEN instructions on the net sheet send to me. For this market, your property will be listed in the following multiple listing services: Georgia MLS, First Multiple Listing Service, Athens Area Board of REALTORS, & Lake Country Board of REALTORS. 

Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to meeting with you.


Reese Freyer

PS: Please remember you know your property better than anyone!

Reese Freyer

It is the mission of Reese Freyer and His Team to consistently provide the highest quality, most innovative and exceptional real estate service available anywhere in the County, and surrounding areas.

Our client’s needs always come first. We will strive to always provide value far in excess of our client’s expectations. Our constant goal is mutual respect, and long term relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

Our operation will be a great place to work and do business. We will be positive, helpful, and enthusiastic at all times – always focusing on solutions, not challenges. We will take care of business first and foremost, but have fun and enjoy ourselves in the process.

We will run a clean, organized, and efficient operation, and always adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices.

We will never rest on our accomplishments. We will constantly strive to create, develop, and implement new ideas, strategies, and services that will benefit our clients. We will continue to seek continuing education in all aspects of our business to increase the level of service we offer our clients.

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity at all times and in all situations.
  • Continually improve our services to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Create and nurture a fun, exciting, creative and productive work environment.
  • Tirelessly pursue personal & Team growth while reaching well-formulated goals.
  • Work with only the most enjoyable and motivated clients and co-workers.

Reese Freyer Amazing 89 Step System to Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar”

  1. Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information is available to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents on MLS printout. This will be uploaded to

  2. Provide Home Audit to suggest constructive changes to your home to make it more appealing, to show exceptionally well and help it to yield the greatest possible price to an interested buyer. Available through several videos.

  3. Provide you with home showing guidelines to help have the home prepared for appointments. (i.e. lighting, soft music, etc.)
    Available through several videos.
  4. Obtain and verify accurate methods of contacting the Sellers.

  5. Gather information to help assess the Seller's needs.

  6. Assess the Seller's timing.

  7. Assess Seller's motivation.

  8. Assess the Seller's immediate concerns.

  9. Ask Seller questions about the property and themselves to learn how to better serve and provide helpful information if needed.

  10. Discuss Seller’s purchase plans and determine whether Reese ’s team can assist them in their next purchase or if we can research and find a qualified agent to assist the Sellers in their new location.

  11. Provide Seller with relocation information if needed.

  12. Determine how quickly the Seller needs to move.

  13. Obtain information that will help Reese and His team to prepare the listing, advertising and marketing materials. Questions will include: What type of improvements have you done to your house in the past five years? What other features of your home make it attractive to buyers? (Type of cabinets, flooring, decks, pool, fireplaces, etc.) What do you think the home is worth? How much do you owe on the property?

  14. Prepare seller by instructing them to gather home information: Encourage Seller to have copy of deed available. Encourage Seller to have a current tax bill available. Encourage Seller to have sets of keys ready. One set of keys will be inserted in the lockbox; the other set will be kept as a back up in case there is ever a problem with the first set. Encourage Seller to have copy a survey available. Encourage Seller to have a copy of their title policy and survey available if they have them.

  15. Encourage seller to electronically measure home/rooms for MLS printout.

  16. Using the information presented on the subject property, Owner will then do research to begin to determine the market value of the property and set the listing price for the property.

  17. Research competitive properties that are currently on the market.

  18. Research competitive properties that have been withdrawn.

  19. Research competitive properties that are currently under contract.

  20. Research expired properties (properties that did not sell during their time on the market).

  21. Research competitive properties that have sold in the past six months.

  22. Contact agents, when needed, to discuss activity on the comparable properties they have listed in the area.

  23. Research the previous sales activity (if any) on the Seller's home.

  24. Enter the Seller's name and address in Reese 's computer system to keep Seller informed of market changes, mortgage rate fluctuations, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of their property.

  25. Strategically price home to enable it to show up on more MLS Searches.

  26. Prepare an equity analysis to show seller expenses, closing costs and net proceeds when an offer is presented.

  27. Explain the use of the (SPDS) Seller Property Disclosure Statement that you will complete, that will be presented to the buyer of your home. This will help you avoid devastating setbacks and preserve your legal rights.

  28. Owner will take full color digital photographs of the inside and outside of your home for marketing flyers, advertisements and the Internet and submit to Reese on line.

  29. Electronically submit your home listing information to the Anywhere, Georgia Multiple Listing Service for exposure to over 5,000 active real estate agents in the 40 marketing channels available.

  30. Immediately submit digital photos of the interior and exterior of your home to the MLS at the same time listing is input allowing buyers and agents to view pictures when narrowing down homes they will actually tour.

  31. Negotiate with the Buyer or Buyer’s Agent to split the cost of compliance with the new Private Well Testing Act, possibly saving you up to $250. But this is negotiable.

  32. Set up home Warranty, if you choose, to protect your home during listing period and for 12 months after the sale to reassure buyer of the quality of your home.

  33. Install hi-tech lockbox to allow buyers and their agents to view your home conveniently but does not compromise your family’s security.

  34. Write remarks within the MLS system specifying how you want the property to be shown.

  35. Arrange 30-minute consultation with a financial advisor to go over details of transaction and financial consequences. They may charge a fee.

  36. Search the MLS System for Realtors most likely working with interested and capable buyers matching your home, then distribute copies of your listing information for them to review immediately.

  37. Maximize showing potential through professional signage. Property Systems has one of the the most recognizable Logo and Trademark in Real Estate.

  38. Install Property Systems sign in front yard when allowed by Home Owners Association.

  39. 888 # on sign when allowed by Home Owners Association.

  40. Create compelling “teaser” flyer to stimulate calls on your home.

  41. Target market to determine who the most likely buyer willing to pay the highest price will be.

  42. Discuss marketing ideas with “Mastermind” group of top Realtors from across county.

  43. Set up a 24-hour 888 # hotline message for your home to allow buyers to access your information at their convenience, morning, noon and night.

  44. Give home unique ID # to allow information on home to be accessed 24 hours 7 days a week – also allows our Team to track and record interest on home from different sources and publications.

  45. Enable option to “press zero” for direct connect to speak to someone personally about property.

  46. Enable a mail/fax back feature, so the buyer can have property and financing information without delay. This is available as option 4 on the corporate office main #.

  47. Create a generic property brochure guide of features and lifestyle benefits of your home for use by buyer agents showing your home. This can be prominently displayed in your kitchen or dining room.

  48. Make info box available under “For Sale” sign making feature sheets available to those passing by.

  49. Use other marketing techniques; such as offering free reports to multiply chances of buyers calling in, discussing, pre-qualifying for and touring your home.

  50. Help Seller prepare the Homeowner’s Information Sheet which includes information on utilities and services the buyer will need to know when transferring after closing.

  51. Prepare a financing sheet with several financing plans to educate buyers on methods to purchase your home. Available on line.

  52. Owner can create a custom “Home Marketing Book” to be placed in your home for buyers & buyer’s agents to reference home features, area map, plat/lot map, floor plan (if available), tax information, and other possible buyer benefits.

  53. When available, place advertising in the FMLS Homes Magazine – distributed free throughout GA.

  54. When available, place advertising in the publications – available free regionally to over homes.

  55. Advertise home to my VIP Buyers as well as all qualified buyers in my database.

  56. Create an online Internet property feature page at

  57. Submit a crisp, clean digital montage of photos complete with personally written remarks detailing your home - available to hundreds of millions of people via my website at and linked to several other sites. This is done through the Multiple Listing Services. 

  58. Create an online property feature sheet on,, Yahoo! Classifieds.

  59. Create an online property feature sheet on company web site.

  60. Distribute flyer to other agents in my Property Systems office. Property Systems agents are the highest producing agents in the GA.

  61. Electronically promote your home by distributing flyers and brochures to local lenders and local Chamber of Commerce to send to those relocating to our area.

  62. Electronicaly deliver copies of advertisements and marketing material of your home to you for your review.

  63. Electronically promote your home to top Realtors in Anywhere, Georgia area Real Estate Offices.

  64. Property Systems is advertised on the following radio stations: National Real Estate Radio
  65. It is recommended that owner, log in all home showings to keep record of marketing activity and potential purchasers.

  66. Electronically follow up with all the agents who have shown your property.  This is completed through our GA MLS lockboxes.

  67. Make forms available to entice other Realtors to fax back buyer impressions on showings of your home.

  68. If applicable, send a personalized post card to residents in your immediate neighborhood. .

  69. Prepare a monthly market analysis update of any activity in your neighborhood (i.e.: new homes on the market, homes that have sold etc) to keep you informed about key market conditions within your area. You will electronically receive a market snap shot.

  70. Pre-qualify all buyers whom our Team will bring to your home before showings to avoid wasting your time with unqualified showings and buyers.

  71. Discuss qualifications of prospective buyers to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing on the sale.

  72. Provide Open House Tips at your request (note: these are not very effective).

  73. Cancellation Guarantee Less Minimal Fees. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED. The processing fee is non refundable. To withdraw a listing and cancel, will cost $25.00 per Multiple Listing Service.

  74. Handle paperwork if price adjustment needed.

  75. Receive Offer (if coming from another agent) and review important details of contract to determine best negotiating position.

  76. Educate & explain all aspects of the legal sales contract, all counter offers, lead based paint, Opinion 26, Water Testing, verify and follow up with the attorneys, verify prequalification, verify earnest money deposit.

  77. Negotiate highest price and best terms for you and your situation.

  78. Reese is a Devoted full time REALTOR® - not a part time real estate agent. Reese is a a professional, who consistently produces. This level of education is like having a Ph.D. in Real Estate.

  79. Highly trained office staff to process & track entire closing process.

  80. Coordinate scheduling of appraisal and supply comparable sales if needed.

  81. Coordinate scheduling termite inspection.

  82. Coordinate scheduling of Home Inspection with other REALTOR and handle contingencies if any.

  83. Coordinate and review with you any buyer requested inspections and assist cooperating agent with any problems that may arise relative to your home and the sale.

  84. Coordinate financing, final inspections, closing and possession activities on your behalf to help ensure a smooth closing.

  85. Set up Final Walk through of your home for buyers and their agent.

  86. Assist in scheduling the closing date for you and all parties.

  87. After closing, arrange possession and transfer of home (keys, warranties, garage door openers, community pool keys, mail box keys, educate new owners of garbage days/recycling, mail procedures etc.).

  88. Help you relocate locally, or out of area with highly experienced Property Systems agents across the globe - you are sure to have the highest quality agent to help you on both sides of your move to make it worry and stress free.

Is there any question why The Reese Freyer Team often sells homes for 99% of asking price with as little as 30 hours on the market? Compare this to the local agency averages and you can see why this “89 Step System” is so effective.

All Agents are NOT equal!

Professors have Doctorates,
Physicians have Medical Degrees,
I am a broker, and not an agent.

How can you tell if your real estate agent has the knowledge and experience you need?

Ask about their Designations!

Designations mean your agent has invested their time and money to attend courses, take and pass difficult exams, and achieve specified levels of professional achievement in order to earn each Designation.

This translates into a professional with advanced degrees to assist you in protecting YOUR biggest asset!

Announcing The Reese Freyer Team’s

What’s your biggest fear when you list your home with a real estate agent? It’s simple. You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent real estate agent, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market.

Well, worry no more. The Reese Freyer Team takes the risk and the fear out of listing your home with a real estate agent. How? Through our EASY EXIT Listing Agreement.

When you list your home through our EASY EXIT Listing Agreement, you can cancel your listing with us at any time. No hassles. It’s easy.

  • You can cancel your listing anytime
  • You can relax, knowing you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract
  • Enjoy the caliber of service confident enough to make this offer

Only one restriction applies…we ask that you voice your concern and give us seven (7) days to try and fix the problem. That seems fair, doesn’t it? If we can’t fix any concerns within the seven day period, you are free to withdraw your listing.

Reese and His team have strong opinions about real estate service. She believes that if you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should have the power to fire your agent.

The Reese Freyer Team
877-522-5577 X. 8098

Processing fee is non refundable.


  1. Do you work as a full-time Realtor®?

  2. How Many potential buyers and sellers do you talk with in a week? A month? Of those you speak with, how many actually contact you as opposed to cold calling?

  3. How many buyers are you currently working with?

  4. In what ways will you encourage other Realtors? to show and sell my home?

  5. What can you tell me about the real estate market in this area?

  6. What price do you recommend for my home, and what is it based on?

  7. What are your average days on market?

  8. What is your list to sales price ratio?

  9. What kind of advertising do you do? May I see some samples?

  10. How often will my home be advertised, and where?

  11. How do you attract buyers from outside the local area?

  12. Will you prepare an informative feature sheet for my property? May I see a sample?

  13. Where and how will the feature sheets be distributed, and to whom?

  14. Do you have a system to follow-up with other agents and brokers so that we get valuable feedback after every showing?

  15. How often, and in what way will I be kept informed?

  16. Are you associated with a national referral network that refers their buyers to you and gives you the opportunity to refer me to the top agent in the town or state I may be moving to?

  17. Do you have a Team to help with the details, or are you a one man / woman wonder show & do it all yourself?

  18. Do you have a way to market my home through the Internet or Virtual Tours?

  19. Do you have a Specific Marketing Plan designed to sell my property quickly and for top dollar? How does it go beyond placing a sign in my yard, an ad in the paper, and notifying the Multiple Listing Service?

  20. May I see a copy of your last listing as it appears to other Realtors on the MLS? (Called a “Realtors Full Report”)

  21. Do you have an 800# Hot-Line so that my home is marketed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week?

  22. How many homes have you sold in the past 6 months? Year?

  23. Do you have references that I may call?

  24. What happens if I am not happy with your service? Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy? Can I cancel my listing if I am not satisfied or am I locked in?

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