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Quick Facts And Information On Reese Freyer

Reese Freyer has been licensed since 1988 and has built Property Systems as a regional non franchised real estate firm with multiple offices in the Southeast.

He has worked as a listing broker for owner occupants, and many of the banks and lending institutions that you see while driving down the road on many of the corners.

Reese has developed software and a marketing platform to market bank properties and is now making the system available to owner occupants at a discount.

Reese's system is internet based and consistently manages the day to day marketing of real estate.

Reese tells it like it is. To sell your property you need to expose it to the market and make it as easy as possible for buyers to access. The discount system is a la carte. The minimum standards are in place. And if you want extra items that really do not work, they are available to you.

Property Systems is not a company that believes in excess hot air to make you happy. We simply do what we know and try to handled in the shortest amount of time possible.

You need to analyze your market snapshot and see where you want to list your property. Also, you can click on the sold logo and see how many properties I have closed in your neighborhood.
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